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Surprise Spring Opener

Dan Buckley (nuclearDan)

There was a surprise spring opener at Harriman
yesterday (3/22/05). The weather was forecast to be
a balmy 50 degrees at ride time. Jimmy (The
Assassin) made the call. He was ready for his first
outdoor ride of the season. Keith (The Booty) was
also informed of the event and made it a point to

At 4 o’clock in the late afternoon the three members
of "American Road Cycling" (
met at the commuter parking lot on the corner of Rt. 17 and
17A in Tuxedo N.Y.

Booty and the Assassin pined for the easier route—out
and back on Long Meadow Rd. The other, much stronger
rider, was ready for some hills. Unwilling to split up
the group, they opted for the more demanding ride.
The long climb at the start was challenging. The trio
warmed up quickly and settled into a steady pace.
The scenery in the park was, as typical, outstanding.
The abnormally cold winter and early spring had left the
numerous lakes along the route frozen. A plush carpet of
snow covered the forest floor along the roadway and
deep into the trees.

The group passed into the first traffic circle and turned right
onto Seven Lakes Drive with the intention of following this
Nationally ranked racecourse. They were happy to be on the
actual course, instead of merely the CompuTrainer version which
was the only choice for most of the rest of the world.

Near the top of Lake Welch Parkway the winter roadblocks
indicated snow covered roads ahead, so a "U" turn was executed
and the agenda revised.

The new route took the intrepid group back north on Seven Lakes
Drive to Tiorati circle, still on the racecourse but backward. They
swept around the circle, then headed back to the parking lot.

The total ride distance was about 22 mi.

Quotes from the ride:

Assassin: "I hope Slingshot and Black Widow are working on their
tan's in Florida, not wasting their time on the flats training to climb hills."


Note: Winter roadblocks will be removed April 1.



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