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Complimentary American Road Cycling Advertisement for

Arthur Keys General Contracting

Cell: 845-774-9603

Phone: 845-496-6265

General Contracting




RD 2, 1 Beverly Trail
Monroe, NY 10950

Editor's Note:
Although American Road Cycling does not accept paid advertising and sponsorships, sometimes it becomes necessary to toot somebody's horn. When Palletman suggested Arthur Keys for a job at our home/studio, we soon realized that this was one of those times. Excellent work, priced for human consumption, and on time. Two fellows working together to provide thoughtful, helpful service with precise attention to detail.

Here's the story. The answer at end is to merely place the business card above in your hand.
Let's assume your house is one of the oldest, in a small hamlet that predates the Revolutionary war.

It holds your home, your business, and your life. It was restored over a period of three years by the most precise and careful craftsmen you could find.

What if those builders retired?

From where you sit, the view is still spectacular, but there is the small start of a distracting moss just over the eaves.

It's time to get someone with skill to make things right again. But so much could be lost.

The siding is true cedar, not vinyl. It is as delicate as it is rich and beautiful, and it might be destroyed without a cautious touch.

Where do you find a steady hand?




What if your front door opened to not only the kindest of neighbors, but also to a world of collectors who travel large distances to receive fine art they can find nowhere else.

This is no time to take a chance on a quick advertisement posted by an unknown worker.

How do you track down excellence?








What if a special someone might need companionship in order to sneak out and lay in the sun beside work in progress, while you leave your life's investment in the hands of strangers and go off to complete business that cannot wait?

Who could you trust?




 How could you protect a
a special aesthetic, older than America,
grown carefully yourself for four decades?

Hire Artie and Jeff, of course!



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