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Ridgebury Prime Winner Articles
Note: Prime
is pronounced "preem"



Tales from the Hump: 03/19/05

Dan Buckley (nuclearDan)

Here is the story about the 1st ever winner of the American Road Cycling Ridgebury Prime jersey. As with all the Ridgebury competitions, these results stand firm unless successfully overturned by one of the participants or their legal surrogate or estate filing a complaint with American Road Cycling. The statute of limitations on contesting results is 47.5 years from the date of the competition.

Be sure to see Dan's jersey acceptance poem.


Hi Dan : )

Make a note about who was first to the top of Ridgebury today. -b

Hi Bob:

I just got back from the hump. I was totally out-classed today.

There were about 10 riders there and I was by far the weakest link. I was the only one dropped on Ridgebury.

Twin George and Doug waited for me. We took the shortcut. When we got to Rt1, they made a right to hook back up with the group and I made a left back to the Big V. I told the guys back at the parking lot that I won the hump today. If they're not smart enough to take the shortcuts, they deserve to loose.

The problem with your question is - I was so far behind on Ridgebury. I couldn't possibly know who made it to the top first.

In a conversation I had with Donovan, he told me he was a stock analyst and now has an Internet retail business. I did a google search on Donovan Gow. It seems like he was a BIG TIME stock analyst. He specalized in software companies. He also does very well in bicycle racing.

Donnavin, Humberto, Twin George, Kevin H, Doug, Mike the
Tri Guy, Mike the Mt. Biker, Dangerous Dan, and Me.


So there you have it. The first ever winner of the American Road Cycling Ridgebury Prime is Dan Buckley. Although there is evidence contrary to his being anywhere near the front of the group on Ridgebury, he did show enviable initiative by taking the Latrine Route home. Also, since he is currently the only person who reports on this particular event, it is probably in the best interest of all future Humps that he gets a jersey now and is done with it.

Anybody who has specific knowledge of the first wheel over the finish at the top of Ridgebury 03/19/05, may contest the results by lodging a complaint with American Road Cycling using the QUICK QUERY FORM.

Be aware that any successful contestation will result only in a second jersey being awarded, because Dan's got his all clenched up around his happy little wrist and ain't givin' it up.

Reading between the lines of Dan's note reveals Donovan may have been in front at the top of Ridgebury. However, everybody hates Donovan (whom Dan so aptly calls Donnavin), so he will never be awarded a jersey until he quits kicking everybody's ass.

Otherwise, all you early season shirkers who missed your chance at the jersey, just eat your hearts out. Dan's going to be parading around in front of you all proud of himself in his Official American Road Cycling Ridgebury Prime Jersey. He even wrote a poem about it.

You have only 47.5 years to contest it.


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