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PRE & POST HUMP 06/23/07

We got your athletes, right here!
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What 14 year old beat the AA's up Ridgebury!
If I ever get as old as them, I hope somebody shoots me.
No, wait... this goes over here then THAT goes over... No, no, wait. I think it's the other way 'round... Or is it...
If Robb is going to talk all day, I'm puttin' my PJ's back on.
If Robb keeps talking, we're all putting our PJ's back on.
Man, this is long!
Now, what the fuck is SlingShot doing this time?
SlingShot, I'm thinking you might be needing a handlebar enema, dude!
So Humberto shits in the woods (again), and I say to Jen...
Tag... I'm it!
Bullshit... golf is TOO a sport!
And I'm not even trying!


All photos by: Mary Endico

Many more people were on the ride, but these photos
were chosen based on: Mary got lucky!


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