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POST HUMP 06/23/07

We got your athletes, right here!

Are we all not beautiful?
Where's Poor Levine and the Widder?
I made it to Ridgebury!
I'm sorry to hear you need Advil before a ride.
George, stay here. Don't go away. Don't leave me here...George!
This little piggie went to market...and this little piggie kicked their asses all the way home!
I'm sure you WILL beat time.
Uh, oh... I don't like the look of that!
I don't know. I think he might be dead.
You expect me to keep smiling for free?
If they don't know who I am, they can't trash me...right?
I don't know. I just pulled and pulled, then...
Cranky, you have the most beautiful eye.
That's "Johnny, Sir" to you, asshole.
Paul Levine? Never heard of him.


All photos by: Mary Endico

Many more people were on the ride, but these photos
were chosen based on: Mary got lucky!


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