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PRE & POST HUMP 06/16/07

We got your athletes, right here!

I'm serious. Right after the ride, I'm goin' to Hollywood!
Hey, Joe... Straub... JOE STRAUB! I got your Hollywood... right here.
I think I smell chicken!
I know the story with the banana. Let me do it for you plus save you putting the X-ray glasses on me.
Man, I got wings to FLY!
So... you call this move a cluster what?
So... you call the move a cluster what?
Whew... Ok. This is going to be a real cluster...wait what was I saying?
Oh, good. Finally. Nobody's behind the building.
Man, I sure needed that.
So Paul, did you ever get your eyes checked?
Whew, Ok. Wait a minute...they were just here!


All photos by: Mary Endico

Many more people were on the ride, but these photos
were chosen based on: Mary got lucky!


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