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Descent Du Paul - Writing Contest Winners 



- Nuclear Dan

Nuclear Dan kicks SlingShot's ass again—previously only in biking, now in writing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Here's the same situation as Descent Du Paul, but a slightly more realistic take on it.

If you ride a bicycle long enough, sooner or later you are going to have a crash. Some crashes are worse than others, and the strangest things can cause them.

Last year I crashed when I ran over a woodchuck. This year I crashed when I ran over a Paul. These crashes may seem similar, but the truth is they are very different. Here is a comparison.

1) Facial Expression before impact

The Woodchuck: Shit eat’n grin [He new he was taking me out.]
The Paul: Remember the lady showering in the movie “Psycho”?

2) Impact Factor

The Woodchuck: Sturdy And Muscular, over quickly like hitting a speed bump.
The Paul: Soft And Cushy, long climb up the mid section then a fast downhill afterwards. [Like riding in sand.]

3) Reaction after impact

The Woodchuck: Brush it off and run away [laughing]
The Paul: “Looking for the bunny”

I sustained worse injuries in the woodchuck crash. You can learn from my experience. If you encounter a woodchuck and a Paul lying side by side in the middle of the road, and you are forced to make a split second decision, run over the Paul. It’ll hurt less.

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